What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction is a relationship of companionship between two people.  The Spiritual Director journeys with a Spiritual Directee with the goal of hearing and becoming present to the Sacred Divine in the Directee’s life.  It’s a way to slow down and listen.  It’s a way to care for the soul.  And it’s a way to become aware of ourselves in the midst of our daily lives.

Spiritual Direction is for anyone with a desire to look beneath the surface into a deeper place where love, forgiveness and acceptance for oneself can be found; and a way to start moving toward the true self.  It is for anyone with a strong desire to see the spiritual in themselves, in everyone and in the world around them.  It is a way to connect more authentically with oneself and to listen for God in a way that is true to one’s culture and tradition.  This desire can begin as a sense of longing for something more or a sense of discontent with the status quo; as a joyful loving feeling or as an irritation with everything around them.

Spiritual Direction sessions usually last about an hour and are most often scheduled monthly.  Fees vary but tend to be moderate.  Although Spiritual Direction is typically done with individuals, group and couples direction are also helpful.

If you’re interested in learning more, please contact one of SDSDA’s Spiritual Directors listed in our DIRECTORY for an initial appointment.